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VoiceMail to Email and a Special Message for Special People

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Your Cell Phone Provider's Voicemail is Obsolete Voicemail has taken another big leap forward from the standard services offered by your cell phone provider. Whether you're on Verizon, AT&T, Cingular, or any of the others, there's a better way to get your messages. A free service called YouMail will take over your cell phone email […]

Real Estate Virtual Assistant or Employee?

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The Decision Steps and Considerations for Comparison The growth of your real estate business will at some point require a decision as to how to leverage yourself and get more done. In particular, most real estate professionals want to keep that personal touch in serving their clients. But there comes a time when the mundane […]

Real Estate Software – Outlook Customized for Real Estate

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Deliver Email to Your Phone An Outlook rule can be created that will automatically send important emails to your cell phone. You can set up rules to send emails from certain people or only those marked urgent. Manage Transactions With Efficiency There is a way that you can quickly set up the many tasks for […]

GPS Real Estate in Rural Markets

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It's a Buyer and Seller Service That's Important If you practice real estate in a rural area, you no doubt have had problems with directions that tell you to turn at the large oak tree, particularly if the tree blew down in the last storm. And let's not even talk about the poor buyer from […]

RealPing® for Online Voice Chat

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Getting on a Personal Basis Sooner with the Web We all know that the internet is a pretty impersonal place when it comes to visitors perusing your real estate web site. We all try to offer incentives to capture their email address or phone number so that we can do some more personal and direct […]

Using Click-to-Call Technology to Get The Web Site Visitor on the Phone

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Get Them from Anonymous to a Phone Conversation Fast The Internet is still changing real estate practice and marketing on a daily basis. Far from being a problem, it presents great opportunity to the real estate professional. However, a key factor is getting the anonymous web visitor from just browsing to a personal contact and […]