Writing an Offer on a Home

We will provide and fill out the necessary paperwork to present an offer to the seller on your behalf. I am well-versed in these forms so it doesn’t take very long to prepare an offer.

If you are purchasing a new home from an area builder, we will go over all the paperwork and forms together making sure that you have a complete understanding of what is being presented. Since I have worked with a good number of local home builders, I can help as questions arise during the contract phase.

Even if you do not decide to use my services to purchase your home, I still highly recommend using a Realtor on a new home purchase, so that you will always have a real estate professional “looking out” for you and your rights.

During the time that the contract is written you will normally need to include a check for the earnest money.

After the offer is written for your home, I will contact the listing agent to get the offer to them, either in person or via fax. After this occurs, I begin negotiating to get the best deal possible for you.