The Right Area

st george utah golf9 The Right AreaOne of the decisions regarding your home purchase is determining what part of St. George (or the surrounding areas) will work best for your needs.

This decision is usually driven by a number of factors, including:

Price Range

Obviously, certain areas of St. George and the surrounding area are more or less expensive than others, so your decision may hinge on the price point for your purchase.

Commute Time

If you will be dealing with a commute in St. George, it may be important to find something with a reasonable travel time to the office. Since St. George has experienced a lot of growth over the past 10-15 years, the roads and traffic have also grown.

Convenience to Amenities

Some of our clients prefer to be very close to shopping, restaurants, and other amenities within the community.

Convenience to Specific People

You may be moving to St. George to be closer to a relative or a close friend. In this case, the location of your home may be somewhat driven by the location of these people.

I am very familiar with all areas of St. George, so I am able to suggest which areas will be most suitable for you using your specific criteria.