The Inspection Process

After you have secured the home or condo of your choice, it will be time to schedule a home inspection. This involves having a licensed inspector come to the home and make a detailed report which shows any items which are in need of service or repair.

Most inspectors can include a termite inspection along with the general home inspection.

If you decide that there are additional specific issues of concern, there are specialists available for septic inspections, roof inspections, slab inspections, and other areas.

Once we have the inspection report in hand for your home, we can determine which items we would like to request to have repaired by the seller before closing. In the case of a new home builder, they will almost always correct everything on the inspector’s list, unless there is a good reason not to do so. We recommend that our clients get a third-party inspection for any home, whether it is new or resale.

Keep in mind that many home sellers will not be willing to make a house “perfect” for the buyer, especially if they have already negotiated on the price.