Negotiating the Price

bryce canyon2 Negotiating the PriceI always works diligently to get my clients the best possible price and terms for a home purchase.

I am very experienced at writing offers and I will usually present your offer with a cover letter which explains the finer points and should strengthen your negotiating position. Since I have been actively working full-time in the St. George real estate market,

I am very familiar with the inventory and pricing trends and I can help you to make an informed decision on how much a particular home or property is worth in the current market.

Once the offer is submitted, I will wait to hear if it has been accepted. If it is not accepted, the seller may present a “counteroffer”, which changes the price of our offer or some of the terms, or both. Then we will sit down with you to decide how to proceed. I am very experienced at negotiating and I rarely write an offer on a property which doesn’t eventually result in a closing.

Many clients have become my good friends as a result of working with me during the home buying process.