You Are The Best!

Jun 23, 2011 by Barbara Montano
Home State: California
Date Visited: June 19, 2009

Jodi is kind, considerate and always has your best interests at heart. Her cheery personality, coupled with a very diplomatic communication style, make her the perfect agent.

Barbara Montano

Simply Amazing

Feb 22, 2011 by Allen Beatty
Home State: Utah
Date Visited: February 12, 2011

As a first time home buyer, I expected the process to be stressful and intimidating. It was in fact just the opposite experience when I purchased my home a few months ago. I owe it all to Jodi Van Cleve who helped me every step of the way. Not only did she find just the right home for me, she also informed me about all the programs available for first time home buyers, and guided me through the entire process. Without her knowledge and tireless follow through, I never would have had the opportunity to purchase my first home at the age of 23! Jodi is patient, kind and just an all around beautiful person. I would highly recommend Jodi to anyone in the process of purchasing a home.

Allen Beatty

Jodi Was Amazing!

Jan 29, 2011 by Nathan Worthington
Home State: Nevada
Date Visited: January 23, 2011 

Jodi was amazing! I could always get a hold of her whenever I needed to. And when I called her multiple times throughout the day, she returned my calls promptly and was always helpful, answering all my questions with a smile. She made the entire home buying process, even the last minute problems with the mortgage and title companies, a good experience for me. I don’t think I would be in my own home right now if it wasn’t for the hard work that Jodi put in. I would never want to use anyone else for buying or selling a home.

Thank You!

Nathan Worthington

Nothing But Praise

Jan 23, 2011 by Eric Fitzgerald
Home State: Utah
Date Visited: January 13, 2011 

Jodi Van Cleve expertly guided me through the home buying process. She was patient, diligent, and thorough throughout it all. Her energetic responses to the varying demands that arose constantly exceeded my expectations. I have nothing but praise for her professionalism and intend to recommend her whenever the change arises.

Eric Fitzgerald

Recommended Without Reservation

Sep 16, 2010 by Liam and Heather Boggs
Home State: Wyoming
Date Visited: September 7, 2010

A few months ago, I was chatting with my cousin who lives in Santa Clara, Utah and at that time my husband and I were looking for a nice and peaceful place to live after my husband retires from his job in Wyoming. I told my cousin that our new home would have to meet several criteria: near a major airport and hospital, no natural disasters, four seasons but not be extremely cold during the winter months, be closed to hiking trails and last but not least, have mountain views. I also told my cousin about my husband 's remark that only "heaven" would meet all of my criteria. My cousin suggested that we check out St. George, Utah.

I looked up St. George Utah Real Estate on the internet and found Jodi's website at the top of the results. We read about the area, viewed area pictures and decided to drive down for a visit to St. George last November. Besides my cousin and her family, we did not know anyone in the area, so, I checked on the Internet to locate a realtor and there was one picture of this smiling realtor that caught my attention and after reading her mission statement and credentials, I thought to myself, this lady has a very pleasant and honest smile and seems to be highly qualified so, I decided to check it out to see if she was a real realtor or a virtual realtor as I had experienced in the past in another State. I sent her an email relocation inquiry. She responded immediately. I received the relocation packet a few days later.

We made several trips to St. George starting last November. Jodi was very professional, detail oriented, friendly, helpful, competent and a hard worker in helping us to find the right home. Her willingness to work with us on evenings and weekends and her willingness to accommodate our schedule and meet our needs to expedite the paper works proved to us that she is an outstanding realtor.

As a result of her assistance, we purchased our new home in late February. We recommend Jodi Van Cleve without reservation. She is an excellent realtor and by far the best we have ever worked with. We believe anyone who selects her will receive excellent service and will find the property, or the buyer, they are seeking.

Thanks Again!

Liam and Heather Boggs

Extremely Professional

May 16, 2010 by John and Diane Fisher

Home State: California
Date Visited: May 10, 2010

Jodi was extremely professional and she was available when we really needed her. We sold 2 homes and purchased a new home with Jodi’s assistance, and we would not even think of using anyone else.

Thanks, Jodi!

John and Diane Fisher

Endless Patience

Mar 03, 2010 by Amanda Kudla

Home State: California
Date Visited: February 23, 2010

Hi Jodi,

Buying a house seemed like a scary process but Jodi’s careful explanations and endless patience made it an adventure instead. What a relief to know that she were handling all the details. Once she got us started on the loan process we expected to spend weeks looking at houses that were nothing like what we had in mind. How wrong we were!
She had listened to us so carefully, every house we looked at, she had carefully screened and told us all the pros and cons. The biggest surprise of all came when she took us to the “little southwestern style house”. We had both seen a picture of it on the website and didn’t think it was the house for us. She assured us that she had seen it and it was worth a second look. Imagine our surprise, excitement, and delight when we walked up the front sidewalk and into the living room. We knew immediately that it was OUR HOUSE! We could never have done it without Jodi!

Amanda Kudla

Enthusiastic, Knowledgeable and Personable

Oct 18, 2008 by John and Donna Hoffman

Home State: California
Date Visited: October 11, 2008

Jodi handled 3 transactions for us. When one didn’t work out, she went right to work making suggestions that got our rental property sold fast. Right from the start Jodi was enthusiastic, provided good recommendations, was knowledgeable about the market, and personable. She handled all details and did us favors when we’d moved out of Southern Utah, all efficiently and pleasantly.

Thank You!

John and Donna Hoffman

We Are 100% Satisfied

Aug 12, 2007 by Ty and Eva Seims

Home State: Utah
Date Visited: August 7, 2007

Golf Country Homes (435-680-3400) 649 N. Daybreak Dr. St. George UT, 84770 USA
Jodi was awesome! This was our third investment purchase with Jodi and, as always, we were 100% satisfied. She answers her phone, so she is always there!. Wht's just as important is that Jodi knows Southern Utah like the back of her hand. We both felt it was important to hire and agent that REALLY knew the area. Thanks again Jodi!

Ty and Eva Seims

Best Real Estate Agent

Jul 19, 2006 by Dr. Stephanie Steelman

Home State: Utah
Date Visited: July 10, 2006

Golf Country Homes (435-680-3400) 649 N. Daybreak Dr. St. George UT, 84770 USA

Jodi is absolutely the best real estate agent I've ever encountered. She is professional, prepared, articulate and personable. I would recommend her to friends and family without a doubt. She is the best!!!


Dr. Stephanie Steelman

Absolutely The Best

Mar 18, 2006 by Peggy O’Hara

Home State: California
Date Visited: March 13, 2006

Jodi is absolutely the best in the business. My husband and I were very fortunate to have her working with us. She is over the top!

Warm Regards

Peggy O’Hara

Thanks Jodi!

Jul 22, 2005 by Joaquine Cardenas

Home State: West Jordan, Utah
Date Visited: 2005
Dear Jodi,

Thank you for your time and professionalism. It was pleasure doing business with you.

Joaquine Cardenas

West Jordan, Utah

Very Exciting Time

Apr 29, 2005 by Alyssa Salinas

Home State: California
Date Visited: April 22, 2005

Dear Jodi,

This was a very exciting time for me (Alyssa)! I have wanted to move to St. George for a very long time. I lived here in the 1980's as a child for a very, very short time and have always wanted to come back.

Jodi was very important to all this coming together. We can't thank her enough for all the help she gave us in making our dream come true.

Thanks again Jodi!

Alyssa Salinas

Happy Buyers

Mar 30, 2005 by Mr. & Mrs. Barton

Home State: Ogden, Utah
Date Visited: 2005

Hi Jodi,

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help on our behalf. We are excited about everything and we feel we really did buy at the right time.

Mr. & Mrs. Barton

Ogden, Utah

Thank You For Everything

Sep 10, 2004 by Murray & Odette Pettem

Home State: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Date Visited: 2004

I wanted to thank you for everything. From the first time we visited your website to the signing of the closing papers you provided professional, efficient and personal service. I will recommend you to any other Canucks that might take an interest in St. George.

Murray & Odette Pettem

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Amazing Service

Jan 22, 2003 by Steve and Sue Barone

Home State: California
Date Visited: January 22, 2003

Dear Jodi,

Sue and I wanted to thank you for all you did for us. We were nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find our dream home during the week we came to St. George to look at homes. The fact that you would spend four full days with us looking at properties was amazing. We apologize for being so picky but buying a home is one of the most important financial transactions we will ever make. We would not consider using any other Realtor now that we have worked with you and we also consider you to be one of our first good friends in Southern Utah.

Steve and Sue Barone

Washington, Utah