van cleves AboutI was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where I started in real estate at a young age working as a receptionist at a brokerage company my father owned. That was when I realized I enjoyed being part of the real estate business world.

Soon after I married and we had our first of two children my husband Steve and I pursued our future by moving to Southern Utah where the beauty was abundant and the lifestyle offered us an environment we found to be more compatible to us than the Vegas lifestyle we had grown to know, but never adapted comfortably with..

In 1989 I passed the Utah real estate exam and opened my own office. Four years later I received a Utah Brokerage license and the rest is history. I love my job, particularly I enjoy working with buyers and helping them find the best property match available to them.

St. George has become a place I love to call home. It offers an abundance of opportunity and activities.

If I can assist you with your pursuit for change of local, lifestyle or investment venture, whatever it might be please feel free to contact me.

Jodi Van Cleve
Associate Broker
Golf Country Homes
(435) 680-3400