Top 6 Things to Tell Your Listing Clients for a Smooth Process

Posted on: March 17th, 2013 by admin No Comments

Many of the annoying and sometimes disastrous problems that crop up during a listing-to-closing process could have been avoided simply by properly educating your seller clients at the beginning when you take the listing.

Don't avoid discussion of the many possible issues that can come up and threaten the sale making it through closing. Being honest about how much you can and cannot control will help you to avoid upset clients due to inflated expectations.

Allow for Monetary Concessions in Your Price & Negotiations

A sure-fire way to lose a transaction after the inspections is to have allowed your seller clients to get to their bottom line price when the contract was accepted.

Particularly in a slowing market, sellers can get a bit anxious in the negotiation process and fearful of losing the buyer. At the very beginning of the listing, and definitely during the price negotiations, keep reminding them to allow for the cost of repairs that might be required by the buyers after the inspections.

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