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Staging Homes for Sale – The Basics

Should You Recommend Home Staging to Clients?

Home staging is a business that grew rapidly during the fast-paced real estate markets of the 1990's into 2006. The slowing of existing home sales beginning in 2006 did not damage the business of staging homes for sale. If anything, there should be a greater need to improve the presentation of a listed home in times of slower sales.

When there are fewer buyers and more listings in competition, every strategy should be employed to make a home stand out among the competitive listings in the area. Staging a home can make a huge difference in how it's perceived by prospective buyers. If the home is vacant, the home stager will bring in rented furnishings and decorative items to make it look occupied and pleasing to buyers. Some of the techniques used by stagers include:

  • Removal of clutter in all areas of the home
  • Removal of personal items or artwork that might distract buyers' attention
  • Re-positioning of furnishings for better room appeal or spacious feel
  • Addition or replacement of furnishings
  • Landscape changes or additions
  • Lighting changes to make rooms brighter or accent items

If a real estate agent is going to recommend home staging to their listing client, they should thoroughly research the staging person or company for experience and recommendations. The popularity of the business has caused many fast-track certification courses to spring up that offer little in the way of training, but grant a certificate or designation that implies expertise. A poorly-stage home will not make it sell faster, and could even make the situation worse.

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