It’s Time to Give Buyer Agency It’s Due

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Don't Think Twice – If You Blink a Sharp Buyer Agent Will Take Your Business

While the majority of real estate agents and brokers are lamenting the growth of FSBO Internet sites, MLS only and discount listing brokers, you can get at the forefront of the niche with the most opportunity for business growth. It's buyer agency, or buyer representation.

There's no salesmanship required, nor any pressure tactics. Learn here and now:

  • The Internet is the Buyer Agent's Friend – While others complain, use the huge amount of information on the Web to your advantage.
  • Why Buyers Will Jump on a Buyer Agreement – They will if you just have the right product and tell them about it.
  • How to Prepare to Show FSBO & MLS Only Listings – In most states you keep risk manageable and point out the extra service you're giving the buyer.
  • Getting the Buyer Agreement Signed with Ease – Once you have your services ready, and you explain what the buyer will get from you that they won't get from the others, it's a slam-dunk!

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