Clear the “You’re Really New” Hurdle in the Listing Presentation

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First, let's assume that you have the tools at your disposal to properly list and market the property. Quality photos, good ad copy, exposure in print and on the web, good feedback procedures and all of those listing services should be a given. You may be relying on your broker's systems to provide them, but they're there. So, if you have what it takes, what do you do in that first listing presentation to deal with the concern over your lack of experience?

Go in with confidence! If you do have the tools, then get prepared mentally to go into the presentation confident that you can do a good job for this seller. Part of that confidence could come from a mentor or your broker, who you know are very supportive and will help.

Quantity Isn't Quality

Without being negative about anyone, let your listing prospect know that not having a large portfolio of listings means that you have the time and energy to focus on selling their home. There won't be assistants answering your phone, just you there to serve your client.

Use Your Broker or Mentor

If you have an agent mentor, point that out to the prospect. Describe the relationship and how you are able to call upon them at any time for advice or help. If you don't have a mentor, tell them how you'll involve the broker in all phases of their listing, marketing and purchase. If possible, your mentor or broker should come with you for support and to provide constructive review of your performance in the presentation.

With Approval, Provide a Guarantee

If your broker will allow it, you might want to offer a guarantee of your performance. If you aren't living up to their expectations, the client can choose another agent in the company to finish out the listing. This is a powerful tool, as the client feels that they're not trapped in a contract that might not work for them.

It's All Only Temporary

We were all there once, so just keep making those presentations. Everybody started with no experience or listings, and look how many are still around and successful.

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