Before You Open the Door to Your Open House, Take Some Precautions

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If you do your marketing job well, your open house will be well-attended. Don't assume that all the visitors have your best interests at heart. There are some basic and important precautions you can take to help assure your safety.

Know How to Get Out, and Make it Easy

Unlock all doors and deadbolts. Know where all the escape routes are in the home.

Don't be Alone, and Setup a Call-out Schedule

Always have another agent, assistant or friend with you the entire time of the open house. Also, set up a window of time in which you will call the office or someone to let them know all is OK. In other words, let your office know that you'll call in hourly, so they can check on you if that doesn't happen.

Guard Your Back

Always walk behind prospects while touring the home. Allow them to enter and leave rooms first.

Keep Keys and Phone With You

Keep your cell phone or the home phone with you as you tour the home with prospects. Have your car keys in your hand, pocket or handbag. You might need to make a hasty exit and call for help.

Get License Numbers if You Can

Try to have a vantage point where you can note down license plate numbers. If something disappears from the home, you'll have information for the police report.

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