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Addressing Concerns of Your Listing Clients

My Home is Being Shown a Lot Without any Purchase Offers

If you did your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) properly, the market hasn't changed and many showings aren't yielding results, did you list at too high a price?

Agents frequently take listings higher than justified by their CMA. However, if you don't tell your client that you believe you're listing above market, then you could end up in this situation. For whatever reason, it's time to look at property condition or pricing at this time.

My Home Isn't Being Shown Much at All

This could also be a price issue. It could be a market slowdown or some other outside influence that's depressing showings market-wide. Look at the competitive listings again and maybe call a few of the agents to ask how theirs are showing. If yours is comparable in features, condition and price, then you're probably all in the same boat. If the market has changed, you may need to adjust pricing to adapt. Though a different marketing approach might help, it's usually not as effective as a price or condition adjustment.

I'm Not Seeing My Home in Enough Newspaper or Magazine Ads

Did you explain your marketing to the client at the beginning? If so, you'll be a lot less likely to hear this now. If not, use the link to develop a marketing explanation brochure to give your new listing clients and go over it with them.

Clients Don't Complain as Much if They Know the Rules

Notice that much of what we've discussed here are things that could have been touched on when we first took the listing. Not to harp on it, but many of the daily fires that we put out as real estate agents start because we didn't give our clients enough information up front.

If you don't think you have time to develop instructional materials for new listing clients, start tracking how much time you spend putting out fires or handling complaints and concerns.

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