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Rental Property Evaluation Requires a Careful Examination of the Leases

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Successful investors in rental property need to know a great many formulas used in determining the value, income, expenses, taxes and return on investment of a property. None are more important in the purchase process and rental property evaluation than examining the leases currently in effect. How Long Are The Lease Durations? How much time […]

Top Four Don’ts in Using Real Estate Leverage

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Used properly, real estate leverage can be an effective tool for real estate investors to increase their return on investment. The key is to avoid making decisions without proper consideration of the areas of risk in leverage. Avoid these high risk behaviors and you have a far better chance of realizing success in using real […]

Real Estate Software – Outlook Customized for Real Estate

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Deliver Email to Your Phone An Outlook rule can be created that will automatically send important emails to your cell phone. You can set up rules to send emails from certain people or only those marked urgent. Manage Transactions With Efficiency There is a way that you can quickly set up the many tasks for […]