GPS Real Estate in Rural Markets

Posted on: May 24th, 2012 by admin No Comments

It's a Buyer and Seller Service That's Important

If you practice real estate in a rural area, you no doubt have had problems with directions that tell you to turn at the large oak tree, particularly if the tree blew down in the last storm.

And let's not even talk about the poor buyer from out of state that's trying to take a look at properties with directions from an MLS printout that are less than clear to a local, much less someone with no area knowledge.

GPS, or Global Positioning System, handheld units are now under $100, and you'll find that your sellers and the buyers interested in their properties will be very appreciative of the fact that the GPS coordinates, or latitude and longitude, of the property are available to them. Whether they're punching the coordinates into their own GPS unit to guide them, or they're putting them into an online mapping solution, those who want to know the precise location of a property can get it done with the GPS coordinates.

And with the Google Earth application, as well as Microsoft Maps Live, now showing birds eye aerial photographic views as close as 50 feet, the computer depiction of the listed property can be quite amazing.

You won't have any problem learning to use it, so why not upgrade your professional toolkit with a GPS unit, whether it's a handheld or a car mounted type.

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