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Getting on a Personal Basis Sooner with the Web

We all know that the internet is a pretty impersonal place when it comes to visitors perusing your real estate web site. We all try to offer incentives to capture their email address or phone number so that we can do some more personal and direct communication. Some use online chat windows.

The RealPing® Service allows a site visitor to connect to you by phone while they're on your site. There are other services that do this, but this one has some added features.

Push Web Pages to their Screen While You're Talking

Imagine a call initiated from a listing prospect from your home page or IDX search page. They are impressed with your site, and would like to discuss listing their home.

You press a couple of numbers on your cell phone (you're in your car), and your listing services screen comes up on their computer. You're now just talking about your service bullet points and they have a nice grapical page to look at.

Upon Hang-up – Push them Your Services Description Page

Another page push feature is the hang-up page. You can create a special web page, perhaps with Buyer and Seller services in a table. When your conversation is over, this page is automatically shown on their screen. It has links to other portions of your site, a newsletter subscription button, link to your blog, etc.

That's leaving them with a good impression and they're already impressed with your web knowledge and marketing skills just for offering this communication medium.

Coming Soon – Search Along with Me

According to RealPing's marketing department, they'll soon be releasing an added feature to allow you, if you're at your computer, to connect with the visitor's machine and demo on their screen.

You can then do some searches with them while they're online and talk about properties individually. Another use for this feature could be bringing up your personal listings on your site for discussion.

What's the Cost?

Setup cost is $49.95, and with quarterly billing to your credit card, the monthly cost is currently $16.99.

Discounts are available from certain affiliates on their sites, so you might want to do a search for those in order to save money on setup and monthly cost.

Getting Personal is a Goal with Your Web Site

We all know how to work with a prospect once we've got them on the phone, in the car or in front of our desk. But, with our web site, it's not that easy to get them into one of those places.

The RealPing® service helps you to get that all-important person-to-person connection. With some surveys stating that 70+% of internet real estate site visitors doing business with the first REALTOR® with whom they make substantive contact, this could be the way you get that business.

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