Using Click-to-Call Technology to Get The Web Site Visitor on the Phone

Posted on: July 24th, 2011 by admin No Comments

Get Them from Anonymous to a Phone Conversation Fast

The Internet is still changing real estate practice and marketing on a daily basis. Far from being a problem, it presents great opportunity to the real estate professional. However, a key factor is getting the anonymous web visitor from just browsing to a personal contact and relationship.

What some would consider a problem with the Internet's anonymity, is solved by other services on the Web. Click-to-Call is a technology that allows you to embed some HTML code on your site that presents the visitor with a button to reach you immediately by phone. They click the button, enter their name and phone number, and they get an immediate call on their regular phone. Depending on the service, they either hear the ringing through to you, or a message that they're being connected.

You answer your phone and you're back to the good old days of working with a prospect via a personal connection. They can ask their question or get more information while they're on the web page or listing that was of interest. Here are three resources for this technology, ranging from free, to more for a little money, to some interesting marketing features for a little more money. All are worth a look.

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