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Real Estate Buyers & the Buyers Agent – Not Liars But Maybe Clueless

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They're not trying to lie, and there are reasons you hear what you do. Let's start out this discussion of real estate buyers and buyers' agent status, and it's not the best of statements to begin our discussion. If your buyer really isn't telling you the truth about what they want or can afford, it […]

Using Click-to-Call Technology to Get The Web Site Visitor on the Phone

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Get Them from Anonymous to a Phone Conversation Fast The Internet is still changing real estate practice and marketing on a daily basis. Far from being a problem, it presents great opportunity to the real estate professional. However, a key factor is getting the anonymous web visitor from just browsing to a personal contact and […]

The Many Advantages of Rental Properties

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Rental properties — small apartments and single-family homes that you rent out — are good investments because there is always a shortage of housing, and there are always people who can afford to rent but cannot afford to buy a home. Because of the high price of home ownership, and the fact that it is […]

Is It Mortgage Assumption or Subject to Mortgage?

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Assuming an existing mortgage when buying a home is quite different from buying subject to an existing mortgage. A loan assumption will always require the approval of the lender. That's because you're assuming the liability for the mortgage from the previous borrower. Many loans today are not assumable. Should you assume a mortgage, the original […]