Setting Up a Free Online Real Estate Office Suite

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Manage Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and More

If you want to free yourself from any one computer, and manage your real estate business online, look no further. All the free tools you need, with step-by-step instructions, are here.

Your Browser Dashboard With All Your Online Office Displayed

You can have online access to all your meetings, appointments, contacts, tasks, transaction tasks, and more. And you can have it for free. See how your online real estate business dashboard will look when you finish this easy step-by-step tutorial.

Manage Contacts & Mulitple Email Accounts With Gmail

You can manage your contacts and bring multiple email addresses all to your gmail account. Learn how here. This is the basic tool in our online real estate office. All the others will collaborate with it in ways that will make you more efficient and your day more fun.

The Google Calendar & Integration Into Your Online Office

Learn how to integrate the Google Calendar into our online office management system. It will work with Gmail, our task manager and our cell phone to make daily organization a pleasure. With multiple ways to enter your events and meetings, plus text and email notifications, you'll never miss an appointment again.

Remember the Milk – Silly Name but Great Tasks Tool

Our next free online tool in our office management system is Remember the Milk. This online service handles our tasks, or to-do's. It integrates with the Google Calendar and Gmail, and does much more. Learn how to use it for transaction task management.

Using to Post Your Office by Voice

Real estate agents are on the go a lot. What better way to streamline your day than to be able to enter a new task or appointment into your calendar with a voice message from your cell phone. Learn how to do it for free here.

Using RSS and Google News Reader to Keep Up With Things

Another indispensable item in my online real estate office system is my Google News Reader. I subscribe to blogs that interest me, and to news sources that keep me posted on what's happening in real estate. You can even keep up with your competitors with a news reader!

Bringing All Your Office Tools To One Dashboard Display

Once all your tools are in place, you can open them up in a bunch of windows or tabs, or you can build a dashboard display in igoogle that will keep your day's events, tasks, news and more right there in view on one screen.

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