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The Real Estate Short Sale Process Step-by-Step

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Real estate investors can frequently make very profitable purchases of real estate through a short sale. Many short sales do not get approved or fall through for a variety of reasons. Learn here the step-by-step process to initiate a short sale, starting with the homeowner-borrower and moving through lender negotiations to the closing.  Eight Tips […]

Setting Up a Free Online Real Estate Office Suite

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Manage Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and More If you want to free yourself from any one computer, and manage your real estate business online, look no further. All the free tools you need, with step-by-step instructions, are here. Your Browser Dashboard With All Your Online Office Displayed You can have online access to all your […]

Due Diligence and Overseas Property Investment

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Most property investors that have been active over the last few years have probably considered looking overseas in their quest for decent investment opportunities. I myself have, on countless occasions, looked into overseas property but most of the time find myself put off by what seems a very difficult and long winded process. One angle […]