What Buyers Want from Their Real Estate Buyer Agent

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Finding The Right Home to Purchase

From the "2005 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers", this one was probably an easy guess. It appears that our repeat buyers understand the value of current listing resources and market knowledge of their real estate professional a little more than the first-timers. Whatever the reasons, this service requirement is in front of the rest by a wide margin.

Help With Price Negotiations

In our seller survey results, only 5% indicated that it was important to them to get negotiation help from their real estate buyer agent. Buyers find it doubly important. Their reasons might include a lack of market knowledge in a new area, or just a general desire to have their agent help them to justify the offering and settlement price.

Help Them With Paperwork

Buyers want help with paperwork more than sellers. In marketing for buyers, have part of your presentation, advertising, web site, etc. point out your expertise in this area, especially in relation to your local paperwork requirements.

Determine What Comparable Homes Were Selling For

This and the previous two requirements are pretty much tied in importance. This one also goes hand-in-hand with the second highest priority item "Help With Price Negotiations". No matter how much your client loves a property and thinks it's a good deal, you're not doing them a service if you don't run some comparables to be sure they're offering "in the market".

DetermineHow Much They Can Afford to Spend on a Home

Here we see the difference in requirements between a buyer with previous real estate purchase experience and a first-time buyer. First-time buyers need more help in this area.

Find and Arrange Financing

Again, previous purchase experience makes this less of a priority need of repeat buyers. In recent years, more online banking and mortgage options have made this facet of the purchase more of a do-it-themselves project. Also, previous buyers who had a good mortgage experience will possibly want to return to the same source again.

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