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Title Problems and Clouded Title for Real Estate Investors

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Most Title Problems Are Correctable A valid strategy in real estate investing involves the purchase of properties at a discount because they have title problems or a clouded title. The investor can hopefully purchase the property below value, correct the title problems and then sell it at a profit. These clouded title issues could involve: […]

Real Estate Investing 101

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Real Estate investing is one of the best tools to build long term wealth and financial security. About 70% of millionaires in the US built their fortunes in Real Estate, so it is obviously an excellent tool. There are several ways to incorporate Real Estate into one’s overall financial picture. Flipping The first method I’ll […]

Ten Cheap Real Estate Motivators

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Why is there cheap real estate? Is it just that some sellers don’t know what their property is worth? Sometimes this is the case, but only rarely. More often a seller is willing to sell for less because it means selling faster or more easily. In other words, sellers will trade a little equity for […]