to Improve Your Real Estate Cell Phone Messaging

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Cell phone messages have become very important to the daily conduct of our real estate businesses. Many of us have our regular phone numbers forwarded to our cell phones, as we're out of the office more than we're in.

With more of them, our cell phone messages will also contain more of the important information we need to do our jobs. Transaction-related voice mail is left in great detail many times each day. A lot of agents and brokers actually prefer to have a cell message than to try and remember or take down detailed information on the phone. Think of the important items of information that are left in your voicemail on a daily basis:

  • Client instructions
  • Appointments with inspectors, appraisers, etc.
  • Verbal instructions, agreements or problems from the other side's broker
  • Directions to a location

With the Service, your cell phone provider's voicemail is replaced and Callwave takes your messages. Once the caller hangs up, the service sends you a text message with the caller's phone information and a short text summary of what they said. The conversion to text isn't perfect, but it's usually good enough to decide on the urgency of a call-back.

Callwave also sends you an email with the text summary and an attached voice recording of the actual message. You can play it on your computer, and you can even save it in the transaction file for a permanent archive of what was said. You can hear the message from your cell phone as well.

You just might find that you're much more comfortable setting your cell to vibrate or not to ring at all when you're with clients or in a meeting. You can see the text of messages to decide on their importance, and you can play them back at the office when they're not urgent. Best of all, though they may charge in the future for the text conversion part, this service is free.

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